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Manduca Baby Carrier Product Features

The One Size Fits all Baby Carrier

Manduca Baby Carriers is a good structured baby carrier for NewbornsUsing Manduca Baby Carrier with a 6 years old childThe Manduca soft structured baby carrier, designed in Germany, is a baby carrier that is highly acclaimed by babywearing consultants across Europe. The Manduca baby carrier is specially engineered to cater to the needs of newborns & infants (3.5kg) as well as toddlers & pre-schoolers up to 20kg (5 to 6 years old).

The Manduca's design also allow it to fit one of the largest variations of babywearer's sizes, from petite ladies all the way to taller, bigger users. It is truly a one size fits all baby carrier. Even when most other soft structured carriers are stretched to their limits, the Manduca is able to easily accomodate those babywearers with allowance. The Manduca is therefore able to allows couples who are physically very different in size to share the same baby carrier comfortably.

Designed Specially for Infants & Newborns

Newborn and Infants can use the Manduca Baby CarrierThe Manduca baby carrier is ergonomically designed to mimic the baby wrap carriers in wrapping around the baby or toddler snugly to the babywearer. This ensures that there are no single pressure point on the child's body, providing optimal comfort and security to the child at all times.

The Manduca comes with an in-built infant seat that allows infants to sit comfortably in the carrier in the 'M' position. Additionally, a unique lightly padded wrap around top panel design provides the much needed support for a newborn's neck.

While most other soft structured carriers can provide some neck support using higher back panels or additional infant paddings, the Manduca Baby Carrier is able to provide full support for an infant's neck using it's padded panel that wrap around the infant's neck similar to how a traditional wrap carrier does it. Very few structured baby carriers are able to do as well.

Design with flexibility in mind  to Grow with your Baby

Manduca Baby Carrier comes with a body panel that be extended or zipped up as requiredAs your baby grows, the Manduca is also built to "grow" with your child. Most other soft structured carriers either have a back panel that is too short when a child outgrows it or a back panel too tall that completely engulfs a smaller baby. The Manduca comes with a extensible back panel that can be easily zipped or unzipped according to you and your baby's needs.

A most ingenious feature that is extremely handy not just when the baby grows taller but useful to have a panel that extends to provide more support for your child when they fall asleep in the Manduca and easy to shorten the panel when the child wakes up and wants more freedom.

The Manduca is also one of few soft structured baby carriers that allow for not just front & back carry but also the choice to cross-straps and use it in the hip carry position. The Back Carry & Hip carry positions are most practical as your baby grows taller.

Superior Ergonomics ensures comfort for Baby & Babywearer

Like most ergonomic baby carriers, the Manduca's anatomically shaped belt redistributes the weight from the shoulders to the hips effectively. What makes the Manduca special is that the hip belt design allows it to achieve the same weight distribution effect as hip belts that are much bulkier. Certainly a big plus when babywearer needs to sit down while using the Manduca carrier and the hip belt wouldn't get in the way. The result of superior engineering & design.

Designed to be Safe

Manduca baby carrier uses three point release buckles for safetyThe Manduca Baby Carrier contains one of the most comprehensive safety features among baby carriers in the market today.Each Manduca Baby Carriers are made with safety of the child in mind.

Besides best of class materials used such as 100% certified organic cotton & hemp, Nickel-free zips & press-studs by YKK, the Manduca uses Duraflex premium grade buckles that have gone through the most stringent quality control to ensure the buckles do not give way and would also not degrade over the lifetime of the Manduca Baby Carrier.

The 3 point release hip belt buckle further reduce any risk of accidentally opening of the hip belt when the child is still in the Manduca.

Additionally, all buckles on the Manduca Baby Carrier are protected with a backup elastic restraint that will hold the straps in place if any buckles for whatever reason are to give way when they are not suppose to.

100% Certified Organic & Unique Designs

Manduca is made from baby and environmentally friendly materialsManduca Baby Carriers are available in exclusive limited editionsMade with 100% certified organic cotton & cotton/hemp, the Manduca also is particularly softer and cooler compared to most other structured baby carriers. The Manduca Baby Carriers are available in solid colors of red, green (petrol), beige (Natural), brown and black.

Limited editions are also available whereby each carrier comes with a unique serial number and only a fix number of each design are available worldwide.

For parents looking for exclusivity, the Manduca limited edition carriers are a class of its own that shouldn't be missed. Babywearing with style can be painlessly easy with a Manduca Baby Carrier.