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The 'M' position - orthopaedically ideal

M Position is the natural sitting position for babies

Manduca Baby Carrier allows babies to sit in ergonomic M PositionWith the Manduca Baby Carrier, your baby is held reliably in the orthopaedically ideal 'M' position. Orthopaedists and paediatricians recommend that babies who are worn in carriers always sit with tucked-up and slightly spread legs. The baby's bottom should be lower than its knees, while the knees can come up as far as the tummy button. This position makes the baby's hips tilt slightly forwards, while its back is very slightly rounded or "hunched" and under less pressure.

This position is frequently referred to as a "frog" position, and in medical jargon is often described by means of exact angles. We prefer our own term, the 'M position', as we think it helps the non-expert to visualise very well what it is supposed to look like: in this position, the lower legs, the thighs and the bottom all together look rather like a capital M. Babywearing in this position can help prevent hip dysplasias and encourages the baby's still immature hip sockets to develop in the way nature intended.

Adults especially pregnant women in particular, often take this position quite intuitively when they want to get comfortable and relax.