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  4. Video Archive

    All First XT Twist Sling Comparison: Which is faster?Here is a comparison video of the Manduca Sling, Twist and XT. Which is the fastest to put on? Comparison: What is the difference between the First and XT?What is the difference between the Manduca First(Original ssc model) and the Manduca XT (latest ssc model) ? Manduca Twist Features Manduca XT Features...
  5. Manduca Twist - Product Details

    The Hybrid Carrier: manduca Twist® manduca Twist is a hybrid baby carrier that offers the snugness and flexibility of a wrap with the simplicity of a modern soft structured carrier. It is recommended for newborns from 3.5kg onwards to babies up to 9kg. Flexible and Adjustable The super soft woven wrap material and the hybrid design allows the carrier to...
  6. Manduca Sling - Product Details

    The Organic Cotton Baby Wrap: manduca Sling® Don't miss out on the manduca Sling, perfect for the early stages of your parenthood. Thanks to a special knitting process, each manduca® sling baby wrap is elastic yet supportive without the need for synthetic elastane fibres. This makes the jersey sling more breathable and the ideal companion for you and your baby...

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