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Manduca ZipIns

Add some colour to your manduca baby carrier! With this ingenious insert made of fabric which is the same as the carrier or with multiple zippers, you are able to instantly add some spice to your manduca’s panel extension. You can now try a different & colourful look every day.

<span style=\"text-align: center;\">ZipIn Birdie Sparkling Blue</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">ZipIn Birdie Sweet Caramel</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Circadelic Grass ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Circadelic Sea ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Circadelic Sun ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Circadelic Wine ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">ZipIn Ellipse Black</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">ZipIn Ellipse Mandala Earth</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">ZipIn Ellipse Mandala Herbs</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">ZipIn Ellipse Vivid Green</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">ZipIn Ellipse Vivid Orange</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">ZipIn Ellipse Vivid Red</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">GreyPattern Red ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">GreyPattern Turquoise ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">It's a Boy ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">It's a Girl ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Paradise Glow ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Paradise Honey ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Paradise Jungle ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Silver Lily ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">ZipIn Star Night</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">ZipIn Star Rose</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">ZipIn Star Sky</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Zipper Blue ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Zipper Green ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Zipper Orange ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Zipper Pink ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Zipper Rainbow ZipIn</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Circadelic Grass ZipIn on NewStyle Black</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Circadelic Sea ZipIn on Blackline Blue</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Circadelic Sea ZipIn on NewStyle Navy</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Circadelic Sun ZipIn on NewStyle Sand</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Circadelic Wine ZipIn on NewStyle Red</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">It's a Boy ZipIn on HighFive Royal</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">It's a Girl ZipIn on HighFive Grey</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">It's a Girl ZipIn on HighFive Lime</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Zipper Blue ZipIn on Blackline Blue</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Zipper Green ZipIn on Blackline Green</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Zipper Orange ZipIn on Blackline Red</span>
<span style=\"text-align: center;\">Zipper Rainbow ZipIn on NewStyle Black</span>
ZipIn Birdie Sparkling Blue