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Is my Manduca Carrier Authentic?

As more and more parents benefit from the use of Manduca Baby Carriers and provide excellent testimonials, this has helped the brand to grow over the years. More people now know of this superbly designed product and are able to benefit from the use of it. Unfortunately with this increased attention, Manduca Baby Carriers has also attracted the interests of counterfeiters. It has come to our attention that counterfeit Manduca Baby Carriers do exist in the market today.

What are the risk of using a non-authentic Manduca Baby Carrier?

Baby carriers are among the most intimate baby products that you will use with your baby just like baby clothes and diapers. Babies are wrapped snugly in them and many would tend to "taste" the carrier at some point especially during those months that they are teething and in need of something to chew on. Authentic Manduca Baby Carriers are made from certified organic fabric for that reason.


On top of these, Manduca Baby Carriers are certified to be able to safely and securely carry your child from 3.5kg onwards to 20kg. This is only possible with the use of quality parts e.g., buckles, zips, straps, foam etc. as well as a tried and tested production and testing process. All this make it possible for a Manduca parent or caregiver to have peace of mind when they carry their babies in their Manduca Baby Carrier.


These are some questions you may want to ask yourselves if you suspect that what you have bought or intend to purchase may be a non-authentic Manduca Baby Carrier:-

  • What are the chances that counterfeiters would be using certified organic fabric & dye or even fabric & dye that is certified safe that you can be comfortable for you to put your baby in it and let your babies chew on them?
  • What are the chances again that parts such as buckles are genuine quality parts that can hold the weight of the babies safely up to the stated limits? 
  • Has the carrier gone through a proper safety testing process to ensure that it is safe for use?
  • If the retailer is not an authorized Manduca retailer, how can you be sure of the source of the Manduca Baby Carrier you have purchased?
  • Is it worth taking all the above risks with your babies just for some savings?  

Are there ways to tell if a Manduca is Authentic?

With the advancement in counterfeit technology, this is no longer a simple question. Just like counterfeit bags, there are poor counterfeits and sometimes very close counterfeits. Poor counterfeits may be obvious to spot visually but close ones may not be. There are ONLY two ways to be sure that a Manduca Baby Carrier you purchased here is authentic:-

  1. Send the carrier for a detailed laboratory test to certify that the materials used are as stated in the Manduca Baby Carrier specification. i.e., certifiied organic fabric, authentic military grade buckles etc. This option is expensive and the likelihood is that the carrier is no longer usable even if it is proven authentic.
  2. To only purchase your Manduca from a trusted source. We strongly advise that parents only purchase your Manduca  Baby Carrier from our authorized retailers to be sure, as only then can we guarantee its authenticity and offer the 3-years warranty. You can view the list of authorized Manduca retailers here.