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Manduca Baby Carrier Detachable Smart Strap

The smart strap keeps shoulder straps in place when Manduca is used in Ruck Sack (Backpack) Style

Manduca Baby Carrier chest strap in use when in backpack style Manduca Baby Carrier use in cross strap manner with chest strap removedmanduca-chest-strap-onmanduca-chest-strap-offThe Manduca Baby carrier is an extremely versatile baby carrier with option to used in rucksack or backpack style or cross-strap manner. When used in the backpack style, the smart strap that is attached to the shoulder straps provides extra security by helping keep the shoulder straps from slipping off the babywearer's shoulders. 

If however, the Manduca carrier is to be used for cross strap carry or hip carry style, the smart strap can then be easily detached from the shoulder straps and kept away. This feature help keeps the shoulder straps neat and free from loose straps.