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About Spring Breeze Marketing

Spring Breeze Logo FinalSpring Breeze Marketing Pte Ltd (Co Reg. 201500440K) is a specialist baby & child product distributor. Our mission is to discover distinct baby & child products from all around the world that can make profound impact to parents and children's life, to bring these products into the Southeast Asian Market and to effectively market these products so that parents can enjoy their parenthood journey more than ever before. Spring Breeze Marketing Pte Ltd is the appointed exclusive distributor of the Manduca Baby Carrier in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia.

About Manduca Baby Carrier

The Manduca Baby Carrier is designed and produced by Wickelkinder GmbH, Germany. Ergonomic in design, the Manduca Baby Carrier can be used with newborns (3.5kg) and children up to 20kgs (5 to 6 years old). It's unique built-in infant seat, extensible carrier panel and deep carrier seat makes the Manduca Baby Carrier one of the most comfortable and ergonomic soft structured baby carrier in the market today.