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manduca-testimonial005Carrying little Seraphina from birth to 5mths plus was a headache because we couldnít do anything else. But after purchasing the Manduca, everything to be done with little Seraphina is so simple.

So this is a picture of Mummy Natalie and Baby Seraphina at 6mths enjoying our Christmas outing at the Christmas Tree at Ngee Ann City, Orchard amidst the crowd in Dec 2010.

Seraphina knows when Mummy puts the Manduca on, its time to go out! At a nice height she can see and touch whatever mummy sees and touch and I find this very interactive. She also sleeps well in the Manduca and has been the soothing tool when she is out of the carrier and cranky.

Mummy Natalie and Baby Seraphina simply love the Manduca, itís a definite package when going out!

Using the Manduca just twice has brought the bond with mummy and daughter closer, previously when I go out, she would just look and turn away, now its like she is saying ďI wanna come too!Ē I canít wait to Manduca her out again!

by Natalie Yeo, Singapore, Dec 2010