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Manduca Baby Carrier can be used with a 6 years old kid safelyWe're very surprised that the Manduca Baby Carrier is able to allow me to carry my "big baby" comfortably even for almost two hours once when we were out trekking. With an active lifestyle, our family is always on the go. This is not always easy as my 6 yr-old at 19kg and almost 1.2m still gets tired and needs to get her few minutes nap.

Without a proper carrier, we will never truly be able to lead a normal lifestyle. Strollers are out of the way for us since it's bulky, heavy and impossible for me to lug around when my child doesn't need it. (And I have one other young child to care for.) The usual soft structured carriers we use are getting either too short or too narrow for her long torso and some just didn't feel right. Thank goodness for this carrier, we are able to do what we enjoy best, comfortably and without frills. Thank you so much for bringing in this wonderful baby carrier.
by Pearline Foo, Singapore, Mar 2010