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Qualified Babywearing consultant, Dunja Reichardt using a Manduca Baby CarrierAs a mother of three I have become quite a fan of structured carriers and have tried many different ones over the years. The manduca has really impressed me with all its ingenious details – I really do think it’s the best soft structured carrier currently on the market.

It can be used from birth, without complicated paraphernalia, so parents really can get by for years with just the one carrier and enjoy perfect comfort wearing both ‚little‘ and ‚big ones‘.

My favourite features are the adjustable shoulder straps, the back extension and the well-designed waist belt – no problem sitting down during front carries, and no cutting into my tummy! All I can say is: I’m sticking with the manduca!’


(September 2007) Dunja Reichardt, qualified babywearing consultant "DieTrageschule®"