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Manduca Testimonials 2013 05 19 MA Facebook Amelya Miao"Why Manduca?" fellow moms in forums and real life often asked me.

The answer was simple, I tried so many carriers, and this one is the best.

Side, front and back carry, top notch safety measure, adjustable back panel for freedom loving babies like mine, full support when he was sleeping or nursing, beautiful design (I believe I can wear it to a formal function and it wouldn't looked out of place) and of course, comfort for me and my son.

Manduca help me save a lot too since the fee to hire a helper equal to 1 or 2 new Manduca every month!

Once I told my hubby, " I don't need a branded bag or shoes, gimme a Manduca and Im good!"

by Amelya Miao, Singapore, May 2013