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Manduca Testimonials 2013 05 13 MA Facebook Jeann OhI met Manduca in the most amazing way!

Only 2 months pregnant, I followed my 8mths preffy friend for the Mothercare fair. I thought I got the best deal, carrying Baby B carrier walking towards the cashier when suddenly, I was stopped by a mummy!

She tried her best to dissuade me from buying, while carrying her 9month old son in this worn-out but looks comfortable on her carrier- Manduca.

She explained how BabyB carrier was nasty on her shoulders and backaches and gave me a contact for a local distributor for Manduca.

As you know, mummies are muddle-headed. So without further delay, I grab my hubby (aka ATM) to the nearest outlet at IMM and paid on impule(willingly) for my first and hopefully only Manduca. And that was me trying it for the first time... I never look back after that. Thank you for this ingenious invention.

by Jeann Oh, Singapore, May 2013