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manduca-testimonial007This is Arianna, 7 months then, sleeping soundly in the Manduca carrier in Spain Nov 2010. I bought the manduca carrier just before our 1st overseas trip and was so glad I did. We did not bring a stroller along.

It was so easy to carry baby Arianna around. She was so comfortable in the carrier that she just fell asleep and took her nap anytime and anywhere. I strongly believe in the benefits of carrying my baby. I wanted a carrier that could last till my baby is at least 3 years old. I also wanted one that my husband is willing to use regularly, so that he can help carry her. In fact, he likes it so much, he is the one carrying her most of the time when we are out...:)

Without doubt, Manduca carrier is money well spent. We are using it on a daily basis.

by Doreen Eng, Singapore, Dec 2010