Manduca Baby Carrier
Singapore - Malaysia - Indonesia

Enjoy carrying your babies with Truly Ergonomic Manduca Baby Carriers
Manduca Carriers - The Gold Standard of Ergonomic Backpack Style Baby Carriers
Provides Excellent Support from newborn onwards
Extensible Carrier Panel caters to older kids even up to 5 years old
Manduca Baby Carriers are available in a variety of colors
Also available are the Exclusive range of Manduca Limited Editions
Travel with baby to places where strollers cannot go
Enjoy carrying your babies with Truly Ergonomic Manduca Baby Carriers

The German-designed Manduca Baby Carrier is highly recommended by babywearing consultants around the world for its ingenious design and ergonomics and is a rapidly growing brand in Europe.

One of the reason for the popularity is that this ergonomic soft structured backpack style baby carrier is designed to cater to newborns & infants with no neck control as well as toddlers & pre-schoolers up to 20kg (approx. 5 years old).


The Manduca baby carrier boasts a unique wraparound design that mimics baby wraps so that there is no single pressure point on babies carried in it.

Additionally, numerous thoughtfully built-in features ensures comfort for both babywearer and the child in it. The excellent workmanship coupled with smart detailing makes it one of the best baby carriers ever invented and available in the market today.



Wednesday, 28 May 2014 11:31

Is my Manduca Carrier Authentic?

As more and more parents benefit from the use of Manduca Baby Carriers and provide excellent testimonials, this has helped the brand to grow over the years. More people now know of this superbly designed product and are able to benefit from the use of it. Unfortunately with this increased attention, Manduca Baby Carriers has also attracted the interests of counterfeiters. It has come to our attention that counterfeit Manduca Baby Carriers do exist in the market today.

What are the risk of using a non-authentic Manduca Baby Carrier?

Baby carriers are among the most intimate baby products that you will use with your baby just like baby clothes and diapers. Babies are wrapped snugly in them and many would tend to "taste" the carrier at some point especially during those months that they are teething and in need of something to chew on. Authentic Manduca Baby Carriers are made from certified organic fabric for that reason.

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Mother and Baby Award 2012 Best Baby & Toddler Carrier
Mother and Baby Award 2011 Best Baby & Toddler Carrier
Maximum and Minimum weight for Manduca Baby Carriers
Manduca Baby Carrier is designed in Germany
Manduca Baby Carriers encourages the M sitting position
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